WS Display


Winner 2023 Barbieri Excellence Award - Business Performance

Business scenario:

WS Display provides wholesale grand format print solutions to the events, exhibits and trade show industries.

Excellence matters:

With 3 physical print locations using 13 grand format dye sublimation and UV printers from 3 different manufacturers and 5 different inksets on dozens of print substrates, we needed a high quality device and a standardized and repeatable verification process to insure color accuracy – printer to printer and location to location.


Barbieri’s LFP qb Textile Edition Spectrophotometer together with their Gateway and Digital Output Control (DOC) software provided the ideal solution for us to monitor our output and enables us to quickly know and react to any variations in our printing process. When Viktor Lazzeri showed us the new QR code reading feature at Printing United, we realized this would the best way to insure that even the most novice operator could properly read any target on any material from any printer without error.
The fact that I can create a standard using a custom target and can now include the QR code to prevent an operator from reading a target from a different printer on the wrong substrate to the wrong job helps us to eliminate many of the measurement readings we’ve had in the past is a game changer!

Mike Berrett

Director of Printing Technologies , WS Display

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