Winner 2022 Barbieri Excellence Award - Innovation & Research

Business scenario:

Wall&decò was born by chance in 2005, from an intuition of Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand, originally an advertising photographer: in reproducing an image with large leaves to be used as a backdrop for a photographic set, he immediately perceives its high decorative value and possible declinations in the world of furniture.
The suggestion of the images of the backdrop immediately attracts the attention of architects and designers – Wall&decò appears on the market the same day and in a short time contributes to redefine the aesthetics of wall decoration, with a precise and innovative philosophy: no more repetition of patterns and geometries, typical of traditional wallpaper, but enlargements and macro-images with a strong material effect.
Cutting-edge aesthetics, technical research and innovation are the pillars of Wall&decò on a daily basis. Wall&decò offers a design service with various levels of customization, ranging from the adaptation of colors and sizes of the graphics in the collection, to the development of entirely new subjects created specifically for the customer, satisfying even the most challenging project requirements.
Wall&decò: a creative vision in which wallpaper becomes a leading protagonist of contemporary living.

Excellence matters:

Barbieri technology has been supporting the structured quality process at W&D since 2015. Through Barbieri Spectro LFP we make sure every day that our production lines always comply with the quality standards related to color reproduction through a very well structured process that allows us to maintain the same quality over time, guaranteeing our customers a first class service.
I want to emphasize within this scenario how the Digital Output Control feature plays a leading role in the daily life of our production, which we rely on to ensure the same performance over time.
The well-established bundle (Barbieri Spectro LFP + Barbieri Gateway Suite Software) has been instrumental in the technological transition that took place in 2020 where the ink technology changed from Eco-Solvent to UV Gel, allowing us to maintain the same color matching levels between two completely different ink technologies.

We are very satisfied with the technology that Barbieri provides us with, because in the modern market, it is now essential to provide the customer with a quality product. In digital production, color consistency is one of the primary aspects that constitute the theme of quality and through these advanced technologies we are able to produce and repeat over time an excellent product.

Federico Lippi

Operations Director

Additional Info:


from left: Federico Lippi, Operations Director, Andrea Zavalloni – Technical Production Specialist