Winner 2024 Barbieri Excellence Award - Business Performance

Business scenario:

Unigraf is a one-stop destination for comprehensive solutions in innovative fabrication projects. With over 32 years of experience, Unigraf specializes in temporary projects, custom retail furniture, digital print, and interior fabrication. Their diverse capabilities cover a wide range of materials, including steel, wood, acrylics, resins, fiberglass, and state-of-the-art digital printing technology.
Unigraf has forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Barbieri, X-Rite, Print Factory, Idealliance, and GMG to ensure the highest standards in color management, as evidenced by their prestigious G7 Master certifications. From concept to creation, Unigraf is dedicated to surpassing expectations with exceptional service, clear communication, and cutting-edge technology.
At Unigraf, projects aren’t just built – they’re crafted experiences. Join Unigraf in transforming visions into reality.

Excellence matters:

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, Barbieri instruments have been our trusted allies, surpassing others in precision and reliability. Since 2016, they’ve played a crucial role in elevating print and color accuracy, especially in complex applications like transfer dye sublimation printing. These instruments enable us to create bespoke backlit ICC profiles, ensuring unparalleled color fidelity across all projects. Moreover, Barbieri instruments provide a standardized and repeatable verification process, ensuring color accuracy – printer to printer and location to location.
Barbieri LFP has been invaluable in bringing to life designs with elaborate tones and gradients. From the simplest to the most complex textures and colors, we’ve witnessed the power of Barbieri devices shining through. With Barbieri instruments by our side, we confidently maintain the highest levels of color accuracy and quality across every project.


Our journey with the Barbieri devices has taken us through the use of several instruments across the years, each with a major enhancement and enlightening new results.
Using the Barbieri devices provides us with an unmatched level of confidence in achieving the highest results while printing very difficult artworks, designs that have especially elaborate tones and gradients, we find the power of the Barbieri devices shine in the simplest to the most complex textures and colors.
This includes the full process from proofing to direct prints, light box visuals, vinyls, and banner material. The consistency of color across all substrates plays a vital role in achieving coherent and accurate color campaigns.

Wissam Azar

Founder, Unigraf

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