SCHWARZ Consulting


Finalist 2022 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Areas of expertise are color management, prepress, print management / workflow / automation solutions, high-end device profiling and calibration services, training and consulting for the digital grand format printing industry.

Color Management: High-end calibration and profiling services for digital printer based on state-of-the-art measurement devices (spectrophotometers) and profiling software.
Training: Training services on topics such as the fundamentals of color theory, color management, LFP market overview, printing and ink technologies, software, prepress, measurement technology, dye sublimation, applications, etc .
Consulting: Professional, independent and confidential consultancy for your investments, improvements in digital print quality, business development, product development and product management.
Software: Automation, workflow and advanced color management solutions for print environments. Digital transformation and solutions integration from project planning to module setup.

Excellence matters:

For all the color management, profiling, media testing, quality control and verification related topics in my daily challenges at customers I use and need the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition incl. all options and accessories. For a quite easy reason, it’s the best device available with a unique flexibility and versatile.
I support customers from a small copy shop with a single 54-inch printer up to huge industry companies with multiple (up to 1.000 linear meter per hour output) single-pass machines and everything in between. In my everyday business live I face every ink technology and print media out there and sometimes even in the wildest combinations. That requires equipment that “eats everything” and delivers reliable data.
Without the Barbieri measurement devices, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my job!


Barbieri instruments enable me to deliver high quality profiles on any thinkable material and application. Aside that I use the Barbieri DOC-Option to setup quality-controlled environments at customers.

André Schwarz

Owner + Founder of SCHWARZ Consulting