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Finalist 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

recom ART is in an analog and artisan analysis with photographic processes – and in contrast to then – combines the digital and analog worlds. With three decades of experience, we follow the idea of a revival of older techniques. From digitization and image editing to classical picture outputs such as inkjet prints, c-prints, gelatin silver prints, and mixed media up to finishing methods with wax, high-gloss, varnishes, as well as several types of face and back mountings the spectrum of our repertoire has not come to an end yet. Our ongoing research projects bring knowledge of our future handling of our photographic productions, especially regarding durability of typical photographic output media, reproduction of damaged photographs, large-format mounting, splicing of inkjet prints and c-prints, and further new printing techniques.







Excellence matters:

For our clients like artists and auction houses we need a reliable production, because the editions are printed on demand nowadays. The new Barbieri Spectro LFP qb gives us consistent and accurate results in measuring our color targets and also to check the results on the printed matter to make sure results are correct.

One big advantage of the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb is, that the measuring head unit to measure the targets and the printed artwork is the same. Thus, there are no deviations due to different devices. Also the different measuring aperture is helpful for measuring different materials which are used in the artworld.

Recom ART combines the analog and digital world. For calibrating our so called “REANALOG WORKFLOW”, we need to measure targets of our exposed and developed negatives and slides as well and the Barbieri is also used for this very special workflow.
Printing techniques like direct printing by LIGHTJET need a perfect color management to get the best results also on analog chromogenic paper or analog gelatin silver paper with a larger color space.

We, the RECOM ART team, give our passion for the ideas of the artists every day. Our main focus in the next years is to keep past professions and combine them with the digital world. In this challenge we always have an eye on a constant and high level production. The reproduction and simulating older printing techniques is an important strategy to keep the cultural heritage. Barbieri is one part to help us achieve our objectives.

The recom Art Team

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