Spectro Swing qb

Automatic Reflection and Transmission Spectrophotometer for color measurement of substrates with paper-like properties in digital printing applications



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Automatic reflection/ transmission spectrophotometer

for color management in production environments with aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers.

The fully automated Spectro Swing qb is designed to measure color charts on a variety of flexible and non-flexible substrates up to 1.2 mm with paper-like properties.

The built-in Barbieri qb-technology delivers high precision spectral color measurement data for various digital printing applications like high speed digital inkjet, roll-to-roll inkjet and label printing.

measuring modes Reflection and Transmission

mm thick media supported

mm Measuring Aperture

and more software applications supporting device


  • Creation of ICC-profiles (International Color Consortium) for color management
  • Linearization and calibration of Digital Output devices

Target markets

  • Inkjet (aqueous, solvent) printing
  • Digital photo printing
  • Packaging




    • High-speed digital inkjet
    • Roll-to-Roll Signage for paperlike materials digital inkjet
    • Label printing
    • Digital Photo printing


    • Paper, Photopaper and paperlike materials
    • Self adhesive vinyls
    • Labels and film
    • Banner
    • Canvas
    • Cardboard (up to 1,2 mm)

    Supported Software

    See full list here

    • For transparent and reflective media
    • Measurement aperture 2mm diameter
    • Easy to use thanks to “buttonless operation”
    • Able to measure color charts with up to 3000 patches
    • ISO 13655-2017 measurement conditions: M0, M1, M2 (UVCut)
    • Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC



    • D50 illumination to guarantee conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 “M1 part 1/ method a”, M0, M1, M2 measurement condition …reflection and transmission
    • Ethernet and USB connection
    • Geometry:
      …reflection 45°/0°
      …transmission d/0°


    How thick can the material be to be measured?

    Up to 1.2 mm diameter

    How about rigid materials?

    Yes, the Spectro Swing qb can feed/ measure rigid materials as long as they are 1.2 mm or less of thickness. For example cardboard (not corrugated), aluminium, glass

    Can it measure textiles?

    No, the Spectro Swing qb is not dedicated to measure textiles because it only has the 2 mm aperture, which is not suitable for the structured surface of textiles/ fabrics

    How about very thin materials?

    Yes, the Spectro Swing qb can measure very thin materials. Make sure they are not “buckled”. There are 2 types of sample holders (optional), that ease the handling of such materials: a reflection sample holder and a transmissive sample holder

    Is M2 a physical filter?

    It is not a physical part that needs to be attached. The Spectro Swing qb, once selecting the M2 measuring mode in the software driving the instrument, switches to M2 mode automatically inside the device. 

    Is there a polarization filter (M3) for the Spectro Swing qb?

    No, the instrument does not support a polarization filter


    Digital Output Control (DOC)

    Digital Output Control (DOC)

    C041H51 Reflection Sample Holder Spectro Swing

    C041H51 Reflection Sample Holder Spectro Swing

    C041H50-S1 Set of 5 Transmission Sample Holder Spectro Swing

    C041H50-S1 Set of 5 Transmission Sample Holder Spectro Swing

    Barbieri Gateway software

    Barbieri Gateway software

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