C200C00 Spectro LFP S3

Automatic Reflection/ Transmission Spectrophotometer

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8.625,00 $


Sample holder

C200C64 Electrostatic sample holder Spectro LFP S3 915,00 $
C200A50-S1 Set of 2 sample holders for heavy and thick materials for Spectro LFP S3 720,00 $


C050F00-2 UV-cut filter Spectro LFP S3 220,00 $
C050F10-1 Polarization Filter Spectro LFP S3 785,00 $
C200S20 Carrying Case Spectro LFP S3 1.640,00 $

Software activation

C200S05 DOC activation Spectro LFP S3 1.380,00 $
Product price: 8.625,00 $
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