C5A00 Barbieri Spectro LFP qb

Automated Reflection and Transmission Spectrophotometer for Color Management in Digital Large Format Printing

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Sample holder

C5H10 Electrostatic sample holder for Spectro LFP qb $1,115.00
C5H20 Set of 2 sample holders for heavy and thick materials for Spectro LFP qb $810.00
C5H30 Frame transmission sample holder for M1 measurements $380.00
C5H82 Sticky Mat sample holder Spectro LFP qb $375.00
C5H80 Electrostatic Textile sample holder with frame $1,720.00


C5X00 Flight Case for Spectro LFP qb $1,540.00
C5F10-3 Polarization Filter for Spectro LFP qb $965.00
C5W00 Warranty Extension Spectro LFP qb (additional 2 years) $1,390.00

Software activation

C5S05 DOC activation Spectro LFP qb $1,580.00
C5S07 Textile activation Spectro LFP qb $2,580.00