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Winner 2024 Barbieri Excellence Award - Innovation & Research

Business scenario:

PrintFactory optimizes efficiency and effectiveness in print production. It stands as a comprehensive print software ecosystem, offering everything you need within a single solution. From managing intricate workflows to optimizing production processes, PrintFactory’s robust toolkit empowers users with powerful tools. With PrintFactory, streamline your print production and unlock unparalleled efficiency.

Excellence matters:

With any LFP print project, a compromise on color is a compromise on quality. Guaranteeing color through precision measuring and consistent reproduction is key to delivering the highest quality results time and time again.
As an intuitive platform built on colour management, PrintFactory supports integration with the Spectro LFP qb, Barbieri’s latest cutting edge color measuring device for the digital large format printing industry. The Spectro LFP qp’s measurement mode measures color across substrates faster than ever and conforms with ISO 13655-2017, so customers can be sure that their color measurements meet the highest international standard.
Effective color management also relies on intelligent device re-calibration and smart profiles. By combining the latest in measurement technology with PrintFactory’s cloud-based suite of management and quality assurance tools, print shops can boost productivity and reduce wastage while delivering vivid and consistent color reproduction across devices and substrates.


At PrintFactory, we prioritize delivering exceptional color accuracy to our customers worldwide. That’s why we confidently recommend Barbieri, ensuring vibrant and true colors on a diverse range of materials and printers across the various sectors and geographies we serve. With Barbieri, our clients can trust in consistent, high-quality results every time. PrintFactory’s VISU Device-Link color engine makes producing the highest quality and color accurate output in Large Format Inkjet printing easy and super-fast, with no color management knowledge required. We understand that for color management to be done and thus providing huge savings in media, ink and press time wasted using ‘canned profiles’ in other RIP’s, it needs to be easy and more importantly as fast as possible. By combining our unique color technology and Barbieri’s LFP qb Spectrophotometer platform, our clients benefit from tools designed specifically for this process and thus allow our joint clients the freedom to just Print and make much, much more profit.

Simon Landau

Global Strategic Partners Director, PrintFactory

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