New Lab srl


Finalist 2024 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

We make digital prints for high quality photographs. We print big formats on both rigid and flexible materials with cut and internal finishing, furthermore we plan and realize commercial billboards.

Excellence matters:

Our purpose is to maintain a high standard level, as our primary feature in photographic world is the realization of exhibitions and artworks; to have a chromatic correspondence with printing on different materials thanks to UV, Latex technologies and pigments.


We chose to replace our measurement tool LFP Barbieri, we have had since several years, with the Tex model, to optimize the textiles printing on different photographic and firm products, as we installed Rho P5 I-Sub of Durst in October. The results with LFP Barbieri allowed us to raise our quality standard already with the first model, allowing us to continue with the quality that has always distinguished us since 1985. The natural evolution of this quality control system could not fail to include the new LFP Tex spectrophotometer and the collaboration of Andrea De Rossi.

Giuliano Goffi

Founder and Owner, New Lab srl

Additional Info: