Les Walkling & Co.


Finalist 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Artists, Educators and Consultants in the contemporary arts.
Our main activities are as exhibiting artists and researchers. We are also a collaborative studio working with other artists, from editing and printing a solitary image to the design, layout and separations for publication, to the staging of curated events and major exhibitions.
Our research facility is based on decades of technical, historical and philosophical research, including the successful and timely supervision of over fifty research candidates (MA/PhD), refining artistic research methodologies, mentoring individuals, developing business strategies for the creative industries, a great deal of thinking and writing, and a great deal of technical invention and applied innovation devoted to the creation of works of art.

We also have extensive experience in sponsorship and endorsements, grant and fellowship applications, and other funding mechanisms, and contributing to research, production and manufacturing grants as a chief investigator. 

Excellence matters:

We rely on instrumentation across all our workflows, where at every stage very accurate, predictable and reliable colorimetric data is required. From the creation of original works of art to standardised reprographic photography and everything in between, our Barbieri Spectro LFP and SpectroLFP qb are not only fundamental but indispensable. They ensure precision, efficiency and confidence in everything we do and it is now unimaginable to contemplate working without them.






All our resources and processes focus on one thing; working with maximum productivity and colour fidelity so we can trust what we ‘see’, which also means getting closer and closer to trusting what we ‘feel’ about our pictures. Being distracted by our working conditions deprives us of that distracted time being put to better use. So we don’t allow ourselves the excuse that what we are doing is not optimal, as that will surely lead us astray. We get our systems and processes as ‘right’ as can be so we can instead concentrate on our research outcomes, and our Barbieri instruments are with us at every step and make an enormous contribution to everything we achieve.

Dr Les Walkling


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