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BARBIERI electronic Trademark Usage Policy


This document outlines the policy of BARBIERI electronic snc (“BARBIERI”) regarding the use of its trademarks. Any use of any BARBIERI trademark must be in accordance with this policy.

“Barbieri” is a registered trademark of BARBIERI. The Barbieri logos (in several variants) are use trademarks of the BARBIERI as well.

“Spectropad” is a registered trademark of BARBIERI. The Spectropad logos (in several variants) are use trademarks of the BARBIERI as well.

All trademarks, even those that apply to other BARBIERI products, must be used according to certain legal requirements. If these requirements are not met, the trademark may be endangered or lost. One of these requirements is for the trademark owner (in this case, BARBIERI) to maintain standards for using its trademarks, and to enforce acceptable use of the trademarks by taking action against parties that violate those standards.

Trademark law is mainly a way to protect the public, rather than the trademark holder. This means that uses of trademarks that confuse consumers — which in our case would include our sales or OEM partners, or anyone else who might be likely to use a BARBIERI product — are not permitted under law. As the owner of the trademark, we must be sure the mark is used properly, so the community is not confused. That is what we mean when we say that an unpoliced trademark may be endangered or lost. When the trademark no longer represents a certain level of quality to the community, or no longer indicates that we are the source of the products that bear the trademark, the trademark loses its value.

Underlying BARBIERI’s trademark policy is a set of guidelines for what is — and is not — acceptable use of BARBIERI’s trademarks, specifically the word mark “Barbieri”, “Spectropad”, “Spectro LFP”, Spectro Swing”, “DOC” the Barbieri, Spectropad, Spectro LFP, Spectro Swing, “DOC” logos, and variations of those marks. This policy describes the uses generally approved by BARBIERI for its trademarks. However, if you violate this policy, or otherwise take actions that may compromise the goodwill or trademarks of BARBIERI, or expose BARBIERI to liability, BARBIERI may require you to cease all use of any BARBIERI trademark, regardless of the uses allowed in this policy.

General Goals

In general, we want the BARBIERI word marks and the BARBIERI logos to be used with minimal restriction to refer to BARBIERI products.

We do not want these trademarks to be used:

  • to refer to any other products. This includes OEM products manufactured by BARBIERI.
  • in ways that confuse the community as to who is partner of BARBIERI and who is not.
  • in ways that confuse the community as to where BARBIERI products can be sourced.
  • in a way that is misleading or may imply association of unrelated products or software.

Uses that Never Require Approval

All trademarks are subject to “nominative use rules” that allow use of the trademark to name the trademarked entity in a way that is minimal and does not imply a relationship with the trademark holder.

This clause overrides other clauses of this policy. However, if you have any doubts about your intended use of the trademarks, please contact BARBIERI.

Uses that Always Require Approval

  • Any use of the BARBIERI trademarks in conjunction with e-commerce must be approved first by BARBIERI.
  • Any use of a derived (modified) logo for any commercial purpose must also be approved first by BARBIERI.

How to Use the Trademarks

Although many uses of BARBIERI’s trademarks are governed by more specific rules, which appear in the examples below, the following basic guidelines apply to almost any use of BARBIERI’s trademarks.

  1. “Barbieri” and “Spectropad” are internationally registered, and are referred to as a registered mark. The first or most prominent mention of a BARBIERI trademark should be immediately followed by a symbol for registered trademark: “®” or “(r)”. For example “Spectropad® …” This requirement is waived in all contexts where such marks are not normally included: email, online discussion, non-graphical advertisements (when permitted), and academic papers. We encourage the use of the symbol whenever possible, but recognize that many non-commercial and informal uses will omit it.
  2. “Spectro LFP”, “Spectro Swing” and “DOC” are not currently registered. These logos should be used in the form provided by BARBIERI.
  3. Try to give the word “BARBIERI” distinctive graphic treatment wherever possible. The trademark should be set apart from surrounding text by using ALLCAPS, italics, emphasized or underlined fonts.
  4. If the word “Barbieri”, “Spectropad”, “Spectro LFP”, “Spectro Swing”, “DOC” or the BARBIERI logos are used in certain contexts, the following statement should accompany its use: “Barbieri”, “Spectropad”, “Spectro LFP”, Spectro Swing” and the BARBIERI logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of BARBIERI electronic snc, used by ___________ with permission from BARBIERI electronic snc.
    For websites and documentation, this can be on a “legal statements” page. For brochures and published articles, this statement is optional. We encourage use of this statement, particularly for published materials, but recognize some non-commercial and informal uses will omit it.
  5. Variations of BARBIERI word marks
    a. When mentioning “BARBIERI electronic”, the following versions are allowed:
    “BARBIERI electronic” (BARBIERI capital letters, electronic lowercase letters)
    “BARBIERI” (all capital letters)
    “Barbieri” (First letter capital)
    Variations are not allowed.
    b. “Spectropad” (First letter capital)
    “SPECTROPAD” (all capital letters)
    “pad” has always to be used in combination with “Spectro”. It is not allowed to be used standalone.
    We encourage to use no space between “Spectro” and “pad”.
    Variations are not allowed.
    c. “Spectro LFP” (“Spectro” first letter capital, “LFP” all capital letters)
    Space is obligatory between “Spectro” and “LFP”
    “LFP” as single word is not allowed, it has always to be used as “Spectro LFP”
    Variations are not allowed.
    d. “Spectro Swing” (“Spectro” first letter capital, “Swing” first letter capital)
    Space is obligatory between “Spectro” and “Swing”
    “Swing” as single word is not allowed, it has always to be used as “Spectro LFP”
    Variations are not allowed.
    e. “DOC” (all capital letters)
    Use “DOC” always in combination with “Barbieri”, “Spectropad”, “Spectro LFP”, “Spectro Swing” separated by a space.
    Example: Barbieri DOC, Spectropad DOC


We have specific rules for the following uses:

  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks in company names – not allowed.
  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks on websites, brochures, documentation, and product packaging — Allowed if referring to BARBIERI products and if the appearance of the packaging is professional. Please follow the rules above about the use of the circle-R symbol.
  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks in advertisements — Allowed in most cases by the nominative use rules described in the section “Uses that Never Require Approval” above. Other uses in ads only with prior permission. Use in combination with competitor trademarks is not allowed.
  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks in email and informally — Allowed without the circle-R symbol.
  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks in academic papers, theses, and books — Allowed without the circle-R symbol. Books should include the symbol.
  • Use of BARBIERI trademarks in another trademark — Not allowed without prior written permission from BARBIERI, except as described above.

Unaltered Logos

  • Use of unaltered BARBIERI-provided logos on T-shirts, mugs, etc. — Non-commercial uses to promote the BARBIERI products are allowed. Commercial uses (which includes any use where you sell these items for money) require permission from BARBIERI. Please reproduce our logos with the right colors and fonts; if you need help, let us know. Only logos downloaded from are allowed for use.
  • Use of unaltered BARBIERI-provided logos on websites, brochures, instructions, and product packaging.
    The “barbieri ®” graphic should always be accompanied by the words
    “Intelligent color measuring technology, for top performance in professional digital printing”
    “Intelligent Measuring Technology, when Color Quality counts”
    Example:Just where space is limited, the “barbieri ®” graphic can be used without the above mentioned words.

Derived Logos
Derived logos are not allowed.

The BARBIERI Trademark Usage Policy above was approved by the BARBIERI Board of Directors on March 24, 2016.

Helping Out
As a member of the BARBIERI community, please keep an eye out for questionable uses of BARBIERI trademarks and words. You can report potential misuse to BARBIERI. We will evaluate each case and take appropriate action.

Please do not approach users of the trademarks with a complaint. That should be left to BARBIERI and its representatives.


License for this Policy
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