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Winner 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award - Innovation & Research

Business scenario:

As an innovation partner of the most important machine manufacturers and material manufacturers, it is possible for us to inform ourselves about the latest state of technology and the associated opportunities. It is our mission to use new trends and innovations for your ideas. Whatever is presented to the world tomorrow, KL-Druck can implement for you already today. Groundbreaking inventions and patents can be ascribed to the pioneering spirit of the company. Customer orientation, quality and economy are values that have been cultivated at KL Druck from the very beginning – and will be maintained in the future.


Excellence matters:

We use the BARBIERI SpectroPad and BARBIERI LFP-QB really every day cause they help us to achieve best quality in all digital Applications and Production ways.
We check Production Stability in high Printing Amounts, and verify Color consistency to the customer given Target.





BARBIERI gives us the best Results since more than 13 Years, close to the Profiling Station or every day mobile in the Production.

Gunter Fells

Head of Digital Printing Department

Additional Info:


Excellence Award Winner 2021