Inimap GmbH


Finalist 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Inimap GmbH is the exclusive sales partner of Barbieri electronic for many years. Always focusing on the user, Inimap also specializes in training courses, color management seminars and profiling services – in this way, precisely the competence that is needed can be achieved for every user and their requirements.




Excellence matters:

As a full-service distribution Inimap Gmbh decided 2008 to add Barbieri high-end-spectrophotometers to the portfolio. Permanent development from the manufacturer Barbieri electronic helped us to fulfill the customer’s needs. No matter if you need process control or M1 Support, spot color measurements or a special Textile Edition with Barbieri Spectrophotometers we know that our customers will have the best products to archive the maximum quality. All this years the Barbieri Team not only delivers high-end quality also they are always on our site with a perfect support.


We are proud to work and collaborate with Barbieri. The user-friendly automatic spectrophotometers are very valuable for our customers to check measurement accuracy and achieve color-true results. Thanks to our long-term partnership, not only profitable businesses could be carried out, but also friendships were built.

Birgit Jemide

Owner of Inimap GmbH

Additional Info: