Grup Transilvae


Finalist 2022 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

The core of Grup Transilvae’s business, which has managed to keep the company together for more than 25 years, is honesty. This is reflected, both in terms of employees and employers, but also in the frank and open relationship with our partners and customers. We are offering our customers the version that suited them best, even if, many times, the discussion did not end with a sale, it certainly ended with a friendship. Creating relationships based on trust, productive feedback and sincerity has always been much more important.

Color management is one of the strongest points of Grup Transilvae.

The indisputable experience of our consultants in the field has been developed in over 25 years of activity and has led to the creation of high-quality color management services. From the client’s perspective this knowledge has been translated in workflow optimization, increased productivity and profits.

The solutions included in the Color Management category are composed of services like Fogra certifications or color calibrations and specialized products of renowned brands in this field like Barbieri.


Excellence matters:

Our company philosophy is to provide the most effective ways to support our customers through integration of various solutions with knowledge and training. One way to maximize the performance and output quality of any printing system is through colour management.


The versatility of Spectro LFP qb in terms of accurate colour measurement, reflection and transmission geometries, multiple apertures, smart chart image recognition and auto positioning, various sample holders and backings, combined with full compliance of ISO 13655, is supporting our ability to maintain and demonstrate a fully production oriented showroom were customers can view and test printing systems based on Latex, Dye-sublimation and UVgel printing technologies on substrates varying from plain paper to complex structure textiles and retroreflective films.

Going beyond the showroom, we successfully support our customers in implementing the Process Standard Digital – PSD methodology and certification, by integrating such devices for process control and quality assurance activities, giving printing systems operators the ability of being in control of their production workflow, the pass/fail criteria and the necessary corrective actions.

In the most demanding production environment at one of our customers running multiple high speed big size flatbed printing systems, brand colours and designs are matched and maintained through a colour feedback system based on Spectro Pad DOC that is used on-press during production to directly collect measurements submitted to a centralized QA application providing the quality manager with the necessary traceability of the production.

Dorin Pitigoi

Color and standardization expert

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