Flash Graphics Pty. Ltd.


Winner 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award - Business Performance

Business scenario:

Since its inception in 1986 Flash Graphics, based in Australia has provided thousands of innovative hardware and graphic solutions for retail, automotive show-rooms, hospitality, events, exhibitions, museums, point-of-sale, residential sales suites and much more.
Flash is a consultative, solutions-based company with production facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
Flash provides a print and distribution service within Australia and overseas.











Excellence matters:

We initially bought a Barbieri LFP to improve the quality of our backlit transparency work using UV inks.
In 2008 we were producing large volumes of menu boards for a large fast food company, we wanted to get closer to photographic quality.
The Barbieri was the only instrument that could measure transmissive colour when printing onto translucent materials.
This allowed us to create beautiful, impactful imagery, with perfectly smooth colour transitions that looked spectacular when backlit.
The quality that the Barbieri allowed us to create, secured that account for many years.
Using Barbieri instruments we have also been able to explore more exotic materials with UV printing onto glass, wood, metal always achieving colours that looks great and are predictable.
Our colour workflow sits at the very core of our business and ensures consistency not only between our branches but also between the many different materials and inks we use.
We are not sure how any print business could strive for excellence without one of these devices.

Barbieri instruments have become integral to our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible colour and consistency to a customer base that demands nothing less.

Mark Jackman


Additional Info:


Excellence Award Winner 2021