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Measuring modes explained

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb, Spectro LFP S3

The Spectro LFP qb and Spectro LFP S3 support three measuring modes:

1. Up-Down mode
In up-down mode the measuring head of the instrument moves up and down between each measurement. Use this mode for sensitive materials to avoid any scratches on the surface of the target.
This mode gives also the most accurate measurements and is used for measuring fluorescent inks.

2. Fast (default) mode
Fast measuring mode is the default mode of the Spectro LFP. In this mode the measuring head lies on the target and the surface is scanned. Depending on the size of the patches, the instrument makes multiple measurements which are then averaged

3. Contactless mode
The contactless mode is similar to the above fast mode with a difference that the measuring head does not touch the surface of the target. This measuring mode is suitable for sticky and sensitive materials or textile materials which do not adhere perfectly during measurement.

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