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Can I measure daylight fluorescent inks

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb

Fluorescent inks, as understood here and as used in the printing industry, are inks which absorbe light in UV and visible wavelengths and reradiates at longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum and is manifested as color.
This effect occurs already under daylight condition.

The Spectro LFP qb is capable of illuminating in daylight condition by using the M1 measuring condition and is therefore capable of stimulat-ing this fluorescent effect.

The reradiated light is added to the normal reflected light resulting in spectral curves which exceed the 100% remission.
The Spectro LFP qb is capable to automatically expand its dynamic range when using the UpDown mode and is therefore capable of measuring fluorescent inks which exceed by more than 200% the remitted light.

Therefore, to correctly measure fluorescent inks:

– use the M1 measurement condition
– use the UpDown measuring mode
– save spectral data into measuring files


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