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What is the maximum material thickness

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb, Spectro LFP S3

The measuring head is automatically positioned in its highest position when switching instrument on.
In this position, you can load samples with thickness up to 20mm whe-nusing the standard reflection/ transmission sample holders.

When starting measurement, the instrument moves to a upper left position on the sample and lowers the measuring head until it touches the surface of the sample.

Note: As the thickness of the sample to be measured is determined in only 1 position, it is important that the material has the same thickness on the whole measur-ing area. Tolerances of up to +/- 1 mm are acceptable.

Note: The instrument supports measurement of samples up to 20mm thickness.
While this is an outstanding feature for reflective materials, it has to be used with caution for transmissive materials. If colors are printed only on the surface of the transparent material, straylight can influence measurements and measuring values will be wrong. Transparency measurements are for this reason in most cases limited to a thickness of up to 3mm.

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