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How to packing the Spectro LFP qb for transport

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb

The Spectro LFP qb is a highly sophisticated and sensitive instrument. Thus a special care is needed when the instrument is transported. Your instrument was shipped in a specially designed carton to assure against damage. Ship your Spectro LFP qb always in its original package.

It is very important to pack the Spectro LFP qb carefully to avoid any damage during the transport, by packing the components platform/spectral unit/ sensing unit separately.

Note: The spectral unit is equipped with a Lithium Ion battery.
For security reasons, this rechargeable lithium Ion battery must be removed before packing the instrument for shipment.
This makes sure, no fire accident can happen and the WiFi radio signals are turned off.

Remove the battery holder by unlocking the lock accessible from the back side of spectral unit. A slotted screwdriver can be used to release the battery.
Then place battery holder in its space in original packing.

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