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How to measure a ANSI IT8.7/5 chart (TC 1617x)

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb, Spectro LFP, Spectro Swing, Spectropad

ANSI IT8.7/5 charts are provided with the Barbieri Gateway software:

CMYK_19: for Spectropad

CMYK_20: for Spectro LFP, 2 page layout (visually equal to IDEAlliance TC1617x 2P but with autopositioning lines)

CMYK_21: for Specdtro Swing, 2 page layout

CMYK_22: for Spectro LFP, 6 page layout (for 8mm measuring aperture)

Applicable instrument: Spectro LFP qb

TC1617x (i1iO)

This two page chart is provided by IDEAlliance.

It can be measured using the Barbieri Gateway software

  • Launch Gateway software
  • Create new Chart job: IDEAlliance/ IDEAlliance_TC1617x (i1iO)
  • Save job
  • Before starting measuring, a manual positioning on the chart corners using the red laser pointer of the instrument is requested
  • The saved measurement files with extension CIE.txt of CxF can then be used by any 3rd party software


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