Finalist 2024 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Founded in 1960, EUROJERSEY is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics, thanks to its patented range called Sensitive® Fabrics, selected by major brands for sportswear, readytowear, intimate apparel and swimwear markets.
We work with a fully integrated production plant, from knitting to dyeing, through finishing and printing. Underpinning the Company’s success is a business strategy that combines innovation and constant attention to quality with the sustainable development of large-scale production.

Excellence matters:

We use the Barbieri spectrophotometer for calibration and quality control in our digital printing department.


Automation and precision are the two key factors of the instrument we purchased. Automation significantly helps us in speeding up the industrialization process of our products. Precision prevents reading errors, giving us remarkably accurate color precision.

Alessio Zocchi

Responsible Inkjet Printing, Eurojersey S.p.A.

Additional Info: