Finalist 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Laboratorios Color EGM is a comprehensive service company for visual communication.

We are dedicated to the creation, editing and reproduction of digital content, digital printing, and dynamic digital signage.

Created in Barcelona in 1971 by Enric Galve and Joaquim Canal. Laboratoris Color EGM has its origin in a laboratory of professional photographic development, based on the three basic principles that have marked our way to understand image treatment: Innovation, Quality and Service.


Excellence matters:

Our challenge is based on collaboration with our customers to facilitate better visual creativity in the production or reproduction of the highest quality images, ensuring this service with very high controls in terms of density and color.

In this regard, we rely deeply on Barbieri instruments so that our equipment and the materials we use express this high level of quality that our customers always require.




Our processes of production and reproduction of high-quality images are controlled from many years ago by measuring instruments to ensure with scientific method the referencing values of the original image. 

With the advent of the image developed with digital means, both its expression on the dynamic screens and in the different materials that contain it, they must be ensured by reliable and accurate measurement methods that, in our current case, using Barbieri instruments.

Sergi Deltor

Integrated Management Systems

Additional Info:

To assist our customers in capturing digitized quality images either by a scanner or by a digital camera, EGM has created an IT8 color chart for reference.
Currently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the National Library of Spain, among others, are users.