Barbieri Color Measurement Instruments Out of Production

Note for instruments no longer available (out of production):


Barbieri is the producer of the following Spectrophotometers: Spectro 100xy, Spectro 50xy, Profile-Xpert color management software:

Spectro 100xy

Spectro 50xy


Barbieri is the producer of the following photographic densitometer models: Densy 150/USB, Densy 150E, Densy 250E, Densy 450/USB, Densy 450E, Densy 460 RT and Densy 460 TT, Densy 501, Densy 511, Densy 201, Densy 301.

And QC-Xpert process control software for photographic laboratories

These Barbieri densitometers and spectrophotometers are serviced at Barbieri Italy only until an age of 10 years from production date.