Color Excellence mit der Kraft der Spektraldaten

Dorin Pitigoi ist Experte für Farbe und Standardisierung und seit über 25 Jahren in der grafischen Industrie tätig. Er arbeitet in zahlreichen internationalen Ausschüssen, Arbeitsgruppen und Normen mit.

How can accurate spectral measurement data help to improve print quality?

If we think, we mostly talk about color, but in a very direct sense, color belongs to the eyes that sees the color of the object rather than the object itself.

And we can describe spectral data as good collection of information, that allows us to understand the properties of any object.

In graphic technology we employ various methods to print and reproduce the graphic content in such a way that we achieve another goal, which is basically printing the expected.

How can we print the expected?

To print the expected we need a meaningful way to understand how these spectral data can help the print operator to better control its process, in terms of the printing system.

And then in the end, to do what we name: quality assurance; the way of checking how the production is agreeing with the initial description in terms of the graphic content. And by using color management tools, we create procedures that allow a very good and reliable process control of our printing combination.

So, by measuring the outcome of each combination, we can define how the process should take place to have a good agreement between all these outputs.

What other benefits come with the use of accurate spectral data?

Another thing that results from using such a method for process control is, that the printing system operator is becoming more aware of what’s happening, with this process and because he’s the one using it, he’s directly involved in its outcome by controlling the way the color gets reproduced.

And in many organizations, these methods are helping the people to become more knowledgeable, to build up the necessary knowledge base inside the organization that allows them to deal with any type of job and to meet, of course, the expectations of their customers in terms of the reproduction, color accuracy, and all the aspects that are defining basically the acceptable quality of the printed product.


Vielen Dank, Dorin, für die Erläuterung, wie wichtig genaue Spektraldaten sind und wie sie bei der Kontrolle der Druckausgabe helfen. Jetzt sind Sie an der Reihe, mit der Messtechnik von Barbieri eine hervorragende Farbqualität zu erzielen!