ColorLogic GmbH


Winner 2023 Barbieri Excellence Award - Innovation & Research

Business scenario:

Since 2002, ColorLogic GmbH serves the graphic arts and printing industry as one of the world-wide leaders in development of advanced color management technologies. They market their technologies in the form of an SDK (Software Development Kit) to other leading suppliers in the graphic arts and printing industry, such as RIP vendors and providers of workflow solutions. In parallel, they develop sophisticated color management products which together provide a complete color management solution. Their products include ColorAnt, for analyzing and optimizing all kinds of measurement data, CoPrA, the complete profiling solution for any profiling task and ZePrA, the smart color server to automate any high-quality color management workflow.

Excellence matters:

ColorLogic GmbH recognizes that the foundation of great color reproduction is accurate color measurement data, and the Barbieri Spectrophotometer is a key instrument in this process. We integrate Barbieri measuring instruments for test chart measurements as part of our advanced color management solutions. To create ICC profiles that define how colors should be reproduced, Barbieri’s measuring device measures the color of the sample, and the data is interpreted using MeasureTool, a standalone feature within ColorAnt. The measured values are automatically saved in the Measure Tool and can be transmitted to either our profiling solution, CoPrA, or our smart color server, ZePrA. Currently, ColorLogic software supports the Barbieri Spectro LFP, the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb, and the Barbieri SpectroPad. Our team relies on Barbieri’s professional measurement devices for all testing purposes, and we are proud to offer our customers the support of using Barbieri’s high-quality spectrophotometers in our color management solutions.


We prefer to use Barbieri’s color measurement instruments due to their exceptional accuracy and consistency, which can be attributed to their advanced technology, specifically spectrophotometry, allowing for precise color measurement. Moreover, these instruments deliver consistent and repeatable outcomes, proving to be a crucial asset for our color management software, where color accuracy and consistency are paramount.

Using ColorLogic software in combination with a Barbieri Spectrophotometer is a win-win solution. The combination ensures accurate color reproduction, creates custom ICC profiles, reduces waste, improves workflow, and thus, enhances customer satisfaction.

Barbara Braun-Metz

Founder and Managing Director, ColorLogic GmbH

Additional Info:

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