The Netherlands

Winner 2024 Barbieri Excellence Award - Advocacy & Trust

Business scenario:

For over 20 years, ColorBase (previously known as Color Concepts) has provided innovative solutions to support printers and print products throughout their entire lifecycle. From the HP Latex Certification program to color profiling and print material testing, we have built a reputation for expertise and innovation. All of these activities generate data for our eponymous database, ColorBase. This unique dataset is becoming the digital foundation that drives a smarter printing industry, closing the loop between material performance and procurement and enabling a smarter supply chain.

Excellence matters:

Capturing the highest quality material performance and print performance data demands the highest
quality measurement hardware.


Barbieri Instruments are our trusty companions, whether we’re out visiting a client or focused in the lab creating profiles. They’re essential in reinforcing our image as pioneers in independent testing, dedicated to top-notch performance and reliability. With Barbieri by our side, we’re guaranteed consistent color measurements, ensuring we uphold the impeccable standards we set for every test and profile. Whether we have a backlit film or a polyester textile, we know our Barbieiri can provide optimal results. Ultimately, they equip us to achieve stellar print quality and consistent color consistency across all our projects.

Kara Noble

Manager Expert Center, ColorBase

Additional Info: