Color Excellence comes with verification

As Founder and owner of the color management agency Colorcasters Jim Raffel dedicates his work to help customers and find solutions for their challenges in printing. In the majority of cases having color problems equals losing money, therefore a good color management workflow is key to a successful printing operation.
Jim, what can be done to feel in full control of the printing process?

Jim Raffel:

Viktor: Jim, what can be done to feel in full control of the printing process?

Jim: I think the simple answer is verification. And for me, that means what’s measured gets done.

In order to trust, you have to verify.

And as verification is a form of measurement and so we measure, we verify we do process control, and it’s a continuous cycle that goes on and on.

I have a really good example:
We had a client who was not making a lot of money with two dye sublimation printers. When we came in, we found the printers in bad repair.
We helped them get them back up to spec. We evaluated the profile they currently had found that it was using too much ink.

Using a Barbieri SpectroPad we built them new profiles.
A year later, we found out that their ink consumption had gone down by 50 percent and they hadn’t replaced a print head in the previous 12 months.

So verification is something that they just need to do.

Our industrial print customers absolutely understand this. Industrial printers are people who print things as component parts of larger projects.
So they aren’t really a traditional print company.
So they’re doing a lot of process control and verification and ISO certification in their shop anyway.
So when you tell them color verification will save them money, they believe you.

On the other hand, we have digital print shops who are very cost conscious but until we show them that they can use verification and color management and process control to more accurately hit their brand colors consistently, they don’t understand how important it is.

But once we show them that, they realize that they can save money with good color management and color measurement.

Thank you for your thoughts Jim. The verification process is essential to understand if the printer prints the right colors. Measurement data is essential to set up a proper verification process.
Give it a thought if color verification with Barbieri measuring technology can make a difference for you to achieve excellence.