Winner 2022 Barbieri Excellence Award - Business Performance

Business scenario:

CHROMiX creates software and cloud services for graphics customers. CHROMiX also provides color products and expertise for understanding and solving color problems.
More specifically:
ColorThink and ColorThink Pro are the world’s #1 profile analysis and visualization software tools.
Curve2, Curve3 and now our latest version, Curve4 has evolved G7 beyond IDEALink Curve, which was the first ratified G7 calibration software for the print industry. Today, Curve4 is the predominant G7 calibration tool in the world.
CHROMiX develops and supports Maxwell, a suite of cloud-based services for color tracking, conformance and reporting. Main Maxwell services include ProofWatch, Digital PressWatch and MeasureWatch.
CHROMiX sells most relevant 3rd party tools for managing and controlling color including Barbieri.
CHROMiX provides expert color consulting services to most graphics markets in North America including commercial print, wide/grand format, packaging, flexographic, signage, print brokers, brand managers, marketing & communications, advertising, design and photo.


Excellence matters:

Barbieri instruments are of the highest quality and considered best in class. Many of our customers use Barbieri equipment. So it is our primary responsibility to ensure that our software drives Barbieri devices directly. Within each application (Curve4, Maxwell and soon with ColorThink 4), you can measure directly using a Barbieri instrument. This is a real benefit in terms of speed and efficiency.
MeasureWatch Control is included free with Curve4 and Maxwell and gives the user ‘control’ of the instruments measuring attributes. The LFP especially has more attributes than most other instruments in the market including multiple Light Filters, Measuring modes, Apertures, Scan modes, Backings and others. MeasureWatch Control takes advantage of the myriad of options and allows you to control the instrument, when you need it. For example, many of our customers want their operators to only use M1 mode for certain types of production work. MeasureWatch Control can allow you to restrict measuring with only M1 if needed.
Since many of our customers are heavily committed to process control and continual improvement in their production environment, it makes sense that they would want to also monitor the accuracy of their measuring instruments. That is exactly why we developed MeasureWatch Verify. This fee-based service, combined with a Barbieri instrument (or other brand), allows you to monitor the instruments’ accuracy at any given moment, or over time (think trending report). This alone gives you the constant assurance of accuracy and avoids unnecessary and expensive instrument re-calibrations from the manufacturer. MeasureWatch also helps you to comply with ISO requirements.
Finally, since many of our customers use the same target repetitively at high usage rates, we decided to help automate this process and save them time and errors (from excessive handling). The LFP and LFPqb in particular benefit. The operator simply places the target on the table via alignment borders and presses one-button. That’s it! They’re done. The target corners, geometry and measuring functions are already configured. We call this feature Memory Scan and it is available in both versions of MeasureWatch.

We love helping our customers who use Barbieri instruments. These customers most often have very specialized needs that only Barbieri instruments can address. We also know the accuracy and reliability of Barbieri equipment to be the best. Especially when measuring in Curve4 or Maxwell we add to the value of their Barbieri investment with a set of features that compliments functionality. Barbieri products combined with implementations within our CHROMiX software produce an outcome with higher confidence, whether that be quality of finished measurement, confidence of instrument accuracy, or saving time and reducing errors. We sell Barbieri with absolute confidence.

Steve Upton

President of CHROMiX

Additional Info: