Winner 2022 Barbieri Excellence Award - Advocacy & Trust

Business scenario:

Caldera is a software company developing solutions for the large-format digital printing industry. Since 1991, our award-winning programs help print service providers to improve their productivity, cost-efficiency and color output. Caldera solutions provide advanced color management, prepress and image processing tools for the graphics, signage and textile markets

Excellence matters:

Our customers use CalderaRIP software & Barbieri’s measurement technologies to measure color on a vast range of media and deliver perfect results, no matter the application or substrate. 





Caldera became an OEM of the SpectroLFP products years ago, and we are delighted to offer the TotalColor range of spectrophotometers to our customers. These automated tables for reflexive and emissive measurements reflect the technical and human excellence of Barbieri. We never regretted this partnership which has been bringing success to our customers while educating the market in terms of color management and performance.

Arnaud Fabre

Product Manager at Caldera

Additional Info:

• CalderaRIP, our RIP solution:
• PrimeCenter, our prepress solution: