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Book recommendation: Colour Engineering – Achieving Device Independent Colour

Publisher: Wiley

As color imaging takes on increasing importance in a range of products and technologies, color fidelity across different media has become essential.

This book has arisen from the need for a specialist text that brings together key developments in color management technology and findings from the color engineering research community.

The book was written by highly regarded specialists in color management systems Mr. Phil Green from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and Mr. Lindsay MacDonald, from University College London, United Kingdom. Also, numerous other color specialists like Marc Mahy, Jan Morovic, Ronnier Luo, Danny C. Rich and Ingeborg Tastl, contributed on this book.

Colour Engineering introduces the reader systematically to the art of consistent quality of image reproduction – regardless of the monitor or graphic user interface employed. This authoritative book depicting the latest developments in color imaging, written by a group of authors at the forefront of research in this exciting and fast-moving field will appeal to students as well as practitioners of the new discipline of color engineering.

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Markus Barbieri: “Written for R&D engineers and color science students, this book provides an overview of the theoretical basis and practical implementation of color management technology.