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Barbieri as a part of the DyeSubCast Podcast

Our Business Development Manager Mr. Viktor Lazzeri was part of the DyeSubCast Podcast from ColorCasters with Mr. Jim Raffel.

In this episode Jim and Viktor are talking about the challenges for color measurement devices in digital textile printing and how Barbieri helps with its technology to achieve top performance.

Thank you very much Jim for having us.


Curious? Then listen: https://anchor.fm/dyesubcast/episodes/DyeSubCast-Eipsode-31-Viktor-Lazzeri-e15getm


The following questions asked by Jim to Viktor have been answered:


  •  What characteristics make a measurement device more suitable for dye sublimation printing? There are things like aperture size, optics, LEDs, qb-technology. I had to make a dye sublimation backlit profile and Barbieri instruments make that job easy.
  • Some materials like glossy vinyls you need to change the aperture size, which only the Barbieri can do.
  • What feedback does the Spectropad display gives for color verification?
  • What make building profiles for textiles easier? Multiple measurement sample holder and electrostatic sample holder. The electrostatic sample holder with the sticky mat takes away the pain to hold textiles.
  • How do you automate the height to measure different thicknesses?
  • How do you make backlit profiles with the Spectro LFP qb?
  • How does the camera and vision technology help to measure color for textiles?
  • How does Barbieri participate in the ICC comitee and other Internation standard organization?