Excellence Award

Finalists and Winners 2024

We are happy to announce the Barbieri Excellence Award Finalists and Winners 2024 in the 3 categories – Advocacy & Trust , Business Performance, Innovation & Research.

The award honors outstanding professional work of our customers, partners and collaborating organizations within the extended Barbieri ecosystem and recognizes their top performance in professional digital printing. 

Winners 2024:


Winner category:
Advocacy & Trust


Jury statement:

“Their mission is to capture the highest quality material performance and print performance data which demands the highest quality measurement hardware. Since many years ColorBase partners exclusively with Barbieri, who’s technology is a key player in their operation.”

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We are very proud to receive this award.
At ColorBase, we place great emphasis on Trust and Advocacy, which is one of the reasons why we have such a great relationship with Barbieri.

Marco Roos

CEO, ColorBase


Winner category:
Business Performance


Jury statement:

“With the help of Barbieri devices, the color certified print company Unigraf reached an unmatched level of confidence in achieving highest color results while printing difficult artworks, designs that have especially elaborate tones and gradients.”

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We at Unigraf are very proud to have been awarded the Barbieri Excellence Award for Business Performance, it is such an honor being recognized from a company that is the pioneer of intelligent color measurement instruments for the digital printing world.

Our dedication and progress have taken us down a path where every little detail in color brings us a step closer to achieving exceptional digital print results, this quest using the Barbieri instruments was a true adventure in learning and accomplishing the targets we were after.

We will continue to push the boundaries of our digital prints using the latest technologies and support from Barbieri.

Wissam Azar

CEO, Unigraf


Winner category:
Innovation & Research


Jury statement:

“PrintFactory stands out as comprehensive print ecosystems which sets new standards for color and print excellence. They deliver exceptional color accuracy to their worldwide customers in a way that everyone can achieve it. This by leveraging the intelligence of Barbieri’s Spectro LFP qb technology.“

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I am incredibly honored to accept the prestigious Barbieri Innovation and Technology Excellence Award. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of color management and technological innovation in the printing industry.

Barbieri’s Spectro LFP qb allows customers to measure color across substrates, easier, faster and more reliable than ever before while conforming to the highest industry standards. This ensures that quality color measurements are fueling the PrintFactory color management and quality control system, no matter how challenging the substrate or printing process is.

Effective color management is crucial in delivering vivid and consistent color reproduction across devices and substrates. With intelligent device recalibration and smart profiles integrated into our cloud-based suite of management and quality assurance tools, PrintFactory empowers print shops to enhance productivity, reduce wastage, and achieve unparalleled color accuracy.

This award reaffirms our dedication to innovation and excellence, and we remain committed to driving advancements that empower our customers to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Eric Strik

CEO, PrintFactory

Finalists 2024:

Here are the finalists which the jury has chosen with special care:

All finalists have been added to the Barbieri Hall of Excellence.