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European research and training network ApPEARS

Barbieri electronic is partner of the European research and training network ApPEARS.

Our CTO Markus Barbieri is Co-supervisor for 3 early stage researchers covering the topics of appearance measurement and ICCMax color management.

These experts will develop effective and efficient industrial technology to ensure the accurate reproduction of the desired visual appearances attributes of materials/objects using 2.5D and 3D printing techniques.

Whatch the following video for a explanation of ApPEARS:

The international manufacturing industry is undergoing radical changes in the way items are digitally printed and fabricated.

ApPEARS (Appearance Printing – European Advanced Research School) is working with a group of young researchers in order to find a strategic answer to the needs of the international manufacturing industry during the increasingly radical change.

ApPEARS works with cross-industry partners to develop various research projects and create career potential. Consequently, it will produce models of good practice for training and cross-disciplinary research that can be applied in the arts, science and technology fields.