Advanced Digital Textiles, LLC


Finalist 2023 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

Full Service Digital Textile Print facility. Our family has been in the Textile industry since 1973 and we have been digitally printing since the 90’s.
Our facility houses many print processes including Fiber Reactive, Dye Sublimation, Pigment, Latex, and Direct Disperse. This allows us to print to many different substrates.
We are proud to service several industries including Home Décor and Accessories, Hospitality, Apparel, and more.


Excellence matters:

We use the Barbieri instrument Spectro LFP qb for measurements for our own ICC and DVL profiles and print production verification. At the same time, we use it for measurements from external colors as Lab values, reflective and transmissive measurements.


We have been using Barbieri instruments for more than a decade and we have been more than satisfied with the performance and reliability. The new feature with the camera comes in very handy.

Nick Del Verme


Additional Info: