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Finalist 2021 Barbieri Excellence Award

Business scenario:

We proudly define ourselves as “the first company in Italy to have reinvented the use of fabric in the field of fitting-out installations”. In a market increasingly full of plastics, over 10 years ago we chose to “believe” in fabric due to its characteristics and the production processes required to transform it into a furnishing product, all of which are perfectly in keeping with our vision and working approach. First, fabrics allow us not to neglect our care for the environment: they are eco-sustainable as they are printed without using solvents and with water-based or latex inks, and the aluminum structures can be reused countless times, thus significantly reducing waste. The flexibility of our products means we offer solutions that adapt to different contexts and can change according to requests in a constant process of exchange and sharing with our customers. We like their versatility as we can experiment with the dialogue between fabric and different materials, such as rigid, luminous and interactive supports, and create new and alluring combinations for a growing range of contexts: from shops to events, museums to company spaces, and fairs to temporary stores. Our constant research, backed up also by investments in advanced printing technologies, is the basis of our daily work. It lets us evolve and pursue new paths every day.


Excellence matters:

Every day we have to guarantee our customers a constant result of our prints. Whether it’s a fine satin or a polyester for flag, the procedure is always the same. Color proof and ICC profiling for each fabric that passes through our machines and a regular update over time to guarantee consistency.


When choosing the most suitable instrument for our production, I chose the Barbieri LFP TEX for its versatility and accuracy in measurement. And after many years I am still satisfied about the choice.

Giorgio Grando

Board Member & R&D Manager

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