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When color quality counts

Envisioning a world where color quality sets the standard.

We empower our customers to reach new heights in digital printing by attaining unparalleled color precision and becoming top performers in their industry. 



Our mission is to pioneer intelligent color measuring instruments tailored for digital printing professionals.

By providing precise and consistent color reproduction on diverse media and printing technologies, we empower our customers to achieve the pinnacle of color quality.

Through continuous innovation and customer-centricity, we ensure that our products and services meet and exceed the expectations of top-performing individuals and organizations in the digital printing industry.

Furthermore, we actively contribute to the broader market by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience in color measuring, benefiting all, especially the proud owners of Barbieri devices.


Barbieri qb technology

Discover Barbieri QB Technology: Elevate Your Color Measurement Experience

Our instruments are driven by the cutting-edge and high-precision “qb-Technology,” a result of years of dedicated research and development in imaging color measuring technology.

This core technology complies with the latest ISO 13655 standard, ensuring spectral measurement and colorimetric computation for graphic arts images, and serving as the foundation for ICC color management (International Color Consortium).

When it comes to color measurement for digital printing applications, the “qb-Technology” sets the gold standard and stands as a true benchmark in digital printing technology. By leveraging this innovation, we help you achieve unparalleled color quality, making you a top performer in your field.


Stefan Barbieri

Stefan Barbieri

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Markus Barbieri

Markus Barbieri

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Viktor Lazzeri

Viktor Lazzeri

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Our Story

Embrace the Heartwarming Journey of BARBIERI electronic: A Legacy of Innovation, Passion, and Family

In 1983, an ambitious engineer, Ing. Siegfried Barbieri, embarked on a life-changing mission. With a degree in electronic engineering from Munich, Germany, Siegfried honed his skills during his tenure at Siemens in the R&D department for telecommunications. Later, destiny led him to the enchanting town of Brixen, Italy, where he served as the chief engineer for Durst, spearheading the development of photographic color enlargers and their control and analyzing equipment.

These experiences laid the foundation for something extraordinary—a dream that would shape the future of color measurement technology. Driven by a profound passion for precision and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Siegfried Barbieri decided to turn his vision into reality. In 1983, with courage in his heart and a burning desire to make a difference, he founded BARBIERI electronic.

The journey was not without its challenges, but Siegfried’s determination and unwavering commitment to innovation paved the way for something remarkable. BARBIERI electronic swiftly became a beacon of hope and inspiration for professionals in the photo printing industry. From the very beginning, the company embraced a culture of meticulousness, fostering an environment where cutting-edge ideas flourished and dreams transformed into tangible solutions.

In 1999, a pivotal chapter in the company’s history unfolded. Siegfried’s two sons, Stefan and Markus Barbieri, who had grown up witnessing the dedication and effort put into the creation of their father’s legacy, stepped up to the helm. With an equal passion for technology and innovation, they took over the leadership of BARBIERI electronic, propelling the company towards greater achievements and breakthroughs.

Under Stefan and Markus’ leadership, the company’s passion for perfection and dedication to pushing boundaries led to the creation of the groundbreaking “qb-Technology.” This high-precision, self-developed marvel not only conforms to the latest ISO 13655 standard but also serves as the bedrock for ICC color management. Such an achievement set new benchmarks in graphic arts color measurement and reshaped the landscape of industrial digital printing technology.

But BARBIERI electronic’s story is not just about pioneering technology; it’s about people—our valued customers and dedicated team members who have been an integral part of our incredible journey. Our shared vision of achieving the highest color quality has formed unbreakable bonds, and together, we’ve celebrated countless milestones and victories.

Today, as we reflect on our inspiring past and the countless lives we’ve touched, we continue to look to the future with bright eyes and open hearts. Our commitment to relentless innovation remains unwavering, as we believe that every step forward is an opportunity to bring even more brilliance to the world of digital printing.

Join us as we honor our rich history and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Let’s keep coloring the world with ingenuity, passion, and a touch of magic, one precise measurement at a time.

This is the story of BARBIERI electronic—a legacy that continues to shape the colors of tomorrow, crafted by the hands of a father and carried forward by the dedication of his sons.

The milestones in BARBIERI electronics’ history:


Spectro LFP qb Textile edition

Spectrophotometer for digital textile printing industry


Spectro LFP qb

Spectrophotometer platform for several digital printing industries


Service Center in Shanghai (China)


USA: Subsidiary and Service Center

Subsidiary in Brooklyn (NY), USA and Service Center in Salt Lake City (UT)


Spectro LFP

Spectrophotometer for the large format and flatbed printing markets


Stefan and Markus Barbieri take over the company


Spectro 100xy

First Spectrophotometer and new market “Color Management”


First densitometer for Photo Industry


Foundation of BARBIERI electronic

in Italy, Brixen/Bressanone


We have established long-term partnerships with the following technology, OEM and research partners:


Caldera is an award winning software company, with many years’ experience in imaging technologies, specializing in driving solutions for large format peripherals worldwide.

Covision Lab

Covision lab is shaping industries through computer vision research and applications.
Barbieri electronic is Founding Member of:


Durst is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies.


ErgoSoft LLC. is a leading developer of software solutions for the high-end digital printing community. 


Fogra conduct scientific research in the field of printing and media technology and present the results in a form industry can use.

Global Graphics SmartDFE Partner Network

Global Graphics Software develops smart software components for Print OEMs and ISVs.



GMG has specialized in high-end color management for the entire graphic arts industry. 

HP Stitch printer solution partner

HP Stitch printer solution partner
HP virtual booth

ICC International Color Consortium

The purpose of the ICC is to promote the use and adoption of open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management systems.

InnoValley Network

The company network “InnoValley” was founded from 6 pioneering companies from the Eisack Valley, with the goal of becoming an attractive development space for creative minds.


NTNU ColourLab Norway

The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory was founded to serve the rising needs for colour management solutions in the graphic arts industry.
The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory


PrintFactory is a suite of award-winning, workflow software that helps Industrial and Large Format Printers to work more efficiently today and prepare for more advanced levels of automation tomorrow.

Rochester Institute of Technology - Department of Packaging and Graphic Media Science

The Department in the College of Engineering Technology at RIT offers college courses and conducts research in the graphic communication industry.