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A Day at Clemson University

Insights from Viktor Lazzeri, COO of Barbieri Electronic

On a sunny September morning, our very own COO Viktor Lazzeri set foot in Clemson’s Department of Graphic Communications, eager to share insights and absorb knowledge from the bright minds at Clemson. A notable mention, some years ago, was when a Barbieri Spectro LFP qb was generously donated to Clemson University, enabling the Department of Graphic Communications to excel in their color measurement applications for digital printing.

Viktor Lazzeri with Professor Carl Nelson Blue and the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb

The welcome was heartwarming. From Chip Tonkin, Chair of Graphic Communications and Director of the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design & Graphics, to esteemed professors like Eric Weisenmiller and Carl N. Blue, the appreciation for Viktor’s visit was vividly evident.

The famous Clemson Tigers college football arena in the middle of the Clemson University Campus

Diving Deep into the World of Color Measurement

One of the standout moments of the day was Viktor’s guest lecture titled “Accurate Color Measurement on Digitally Printed Materials.” Addressing an audience with a genuine eagerness to learn, Viktor set out with a mission: to simplify and make accessible the intricate universe of color measurement. Through compelling real-world examples and intriguing case studies, Viktor navigated the attendees through the evolution and challenges of the digital printing sector. And the interactive Q&A that ensued was both enlightening and invigorating.

Guest lecture at Clemson University

More Than Just Formal Interactions

Beyond lectures and presentations, Viktor had the opportunity to personally interact with both the faculty and budding professionals. These candid conversations opened doors to share insights, exchange views on industry advancements, and mentor future talents. The unwavering commitment and ardor showcased by everyone at Clemson was genuinely commendable.

Reflecting on an Enriching Day

Concluding his visit, Viktor was profoundly moved by the hospitality and engagement of Clemson’s Department of Graphic Communication. It was a day of mutual learning, sparking curiosity, and creating lasting relationships. Such connections signal future collaborations and real-world opportunities for Clemson’s students.

In Viktor’s words:

I’m truly inspired by the faculty’s commitment and the students’ zeal for knowledge at Clemson. I genuinely believe that our interactions will pave the way for ongoing growth for both the university and its pupils.

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